This course introduces students to concepts relating to topics of sociolinguistics which are relevant to the learning and teaching of (foreign) languages. These topics include social and regional dialects, perceived differences in the market status of particular languages, dialects in educational and professional settings, and issues relating to power and status in communication. In discussing course topics and readings, students are expected to draw on their experience learning and teaching languages in different cultural contexts. While course readings may very often refer to the teaching of English, this course is indeed relevant to the teaching of any language; and students are encouraged to discuss the particular language they teach in their presentations or assignments. It is not unusual that students doing this course teach multiple languages throughout their teaching careers. Since researchers in applied linguistics frequently need to consider how factors such as power relations, ethnolinguistic identity and intercultural differences may impact the research process, this course also discusses or examines issues we need to be alert to when undertaking a research project in applied linguistics or when critically reading published research.