This course aims at providing students with advanced software knowledge and skills in using computer applications, particularly those applications that are widely and most frequently used in academic and education such as word processing programs, presentation, using formula and automatic numeric calculations, and citation and referencing.

There are four widely used applications to be trained during the course of the whole semester; they include the followings. (1) Advanced Microsoft (MS) Office Word in style formatting, tabel of content automazation, document maps, combination of potrayed and landscape page layout, combination of page numbering, text layout with pictures and table, automatic labelling and list of tabels and figures. (b) Advanced MS Office Powerpoint covering slide formating, slide transitions, text animation, and presentation timing with count down and with progress bar. (3) Advanced MS Office Excel include sheet format and adjustment, formula designing, andvanced score calculation for formula, links and hide among sheets. (4) EndNote covers the benefits of using EndNote in academic article writing and publication, input EndNote referencing databate, insert EndNote database into word processing page, manage and format automatic citation and referencing.

The realization of this course will all be in the form of direct practice by which students are trained to gain first-hand experience in using and applying the application described above or other computer applications that are needed to support their accademic activities and works.