This course aims at helping students to understand TEFL  and  language teaching theories and to practice those theoretical ideas in teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) and in writing academic articles related to (language) education  worth publishing.  As its name shows, this course on TEFL will discuss some issues related to the teaching and learning of English as a foreign language at such levels as primary education, secondary education, and tertiary one.   In this course, therefore, the following topics will be taken into account: principles of foreign language teaching and learning; foreign language teaching and learning; principles of English instructional design; language teaching media; language learning and evaluation; English functional texts.  After joining this course, students will understand TEFL in terms of its theoretical and practical issues that, in turn, will help them to be not only great EFL teachers, but also  good  writers after studying at Undana.    So, by joining this course, they will be able to:  1) teach EFL as a foreign language; 2) analyse academic articles/books related to TEFL; 3) produce their own ideas on TEFL development through their academic writings worth publishing.